Jinn Catching

March 10, 2018 Off By ahmed

What is Jinn Catching?

Jinn catching is to bring the jinn(s) who possess the person or sent by the magician and possibly the jinns who are at a property.
The jinns are brought in a presence of the Jinn Catcher by the recitation of a particular verse from the Quraan.
Once in the body of jinn catcher, the Jinn is our prisoner and we can communicate with him/her and has no option but to accept Islam This is only possible with the will and Power of Allah, reciting certain selected verses from the Quran.

After the jinns have accepted Islam, all the satanic rituals and sacrifices offered to the Jinns to give them power is destroyed and the Jinns leave the victim forever , Allah has Gifted the Jinn Catcher with an opening in the body to the jinn world One of the reasons the Jinn gets power again is sin, haram earnings etc.
unless a new spell has been cast, these old Jinns do not return

Magic is usually accompanied by Jinns and in order to remove the magic done, we first need to remove the Jinns responsible for bringing the Magic. We have more than ten years of experience in Jinn Catching and has proved to be efficient in dealing with Jinn related problems.

there is no shirk or kufr involved when we are catching.


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